Thursday 22 April 2010

Copper Thunderbird - A Musical Tribute to Norval Morrisseau

Will the red, blues, and yellows, flow again soon?
Echoes of dawn sun, whispers of day moon
Your life hangs like a leaf deep in November
The raging fire of spring do you remember?
Ozawa Pug Nesi, Copper Thunder Bird
Ozawa Pug Nesi, Copper Thunder Bird
Ozawa Pug Nesi, they once named you
Thunder bird of copper, yes, they called you
Tossed by winter winds, scorched by a fire
You spread your wings and flew higher and higher.
Bear and serpent essence dancing
Spirit of the loon so softly singing
And Jesus with his ragged black hair, bending
His mouth down to the Earth a message sending.
How can your pale patrons understand you
Shaped by dark forest green and crystal sky blue?
Like a lone and restless wolf watching them playing
With songs deep from your soul you can't help singing.
Will you sail a canoe caught in a bottle?
Or on the deep river of your People?
Or do your pictures come deep from the storm sky?
And will they disappear when the wild winds die?

© 1990 by David Campbell /All Rights Reserved/

 "Around the end of the eighties... I was writing songs about Native American heroes... and wrote this song about Norval Morrisseau... who I considered to be one. After... I met him and told him I'd written a song about him. He didn't say much... but he didn't disapprove. In today's newspaper... I read that he had passed on... yesterday... and thought that I should pay tribute with this song... to Norval... one of the master painters of the world.

Rest In Peace... Norval."
David Campbell

David Campbell - a self taught song-writer/singer, poet, painter, writer and guitarist. He was born and raised in Guyana, South America. His father was Arawak Indian and his mother was Guyana Portuguese. He is a Canadian citizen who now resides in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

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