Wednesday 29 September 2010

Sunshine (1985) Norval Morrisseau

Norval Morrisseau
Acrylic on canvas, 72" x24", 1985
Astrology was foundational to Morrisseau's metaphysical philosophy. It provided him with symbolically charged imagery to re-interpret nature's cycles as they expressed themselves in his life. To Morrisseau Astrology was a very personal science.

"Sunshine" was an energy Copper Thunderbird required. He identified "Sunshine" as the First Cornerstone, the Spring Solstice, the Aries and the Morning Star. "Sunshine" heralds emergence, hope and the beginning of a new cycle of inspiration.

This archetype was Morrisseau's ecstatic muse and an essential driving force in his work. The portrait above entitled "Sunshine" is a snapshot of "Tala", glorified into Godlike status by Morrisseau. This painting was created at the Richmond Street Morrisseau Studio in Toronto, 1985.



  1. Hey Ritchie. It was nice to catch up with you again. It was great for my daughter to meet a true Canadian Hero. She to meet a REAL person. I agree brother. Authentic living is the only way!

    You are loved and cherished by a growing number of people, and as the old lady on the bench said.....You are an amazing artist!

    Oh and I noticed "Planet Heart" was proudly displayed in the hall of my daughters place.....complete with green electrical tape to stick it to the wall......I cringed but were all the others. I guess thats what 19 year olds do!

    Keep shining!

  2. Nice to know the Planet Heart prints are still out there doing their thing (i.e. being cool). Speaking of did well, Dad. She's a treasure.