Wednesday 6 October 2010

The Great Rabbit Nanabozho (c. 1969) Norval Morrisseau

The Great Rabbit Nanabozho (Untitled)
Norval Morrisseau
acrylic on paper, 24" x 16", c. 1969

Through contrast beauty is experienced and consciousness realized. This is the Shamanic path which Norval identified as the "razor's edge".

Without evil, compelling acts of conscience from us, we remain in stasis. Merely ignorant angels. Divine, yet passive, spectators. Where would Christ be without the contrast? I relished studying Buddhism as a science but I don't see the love in it. Love is action. Turn water into wine. Bathe your lover's feet in essential oils. Heal the sick. Rage against shady priests and businessmen. Dream the dream and share your Visions.

Do something....Do anything of the sort and you can count on contrasts appearing on the distant horizon.

Norval Morrisseau was the quintessential Pisces. It comes as no surprise to me that this "grand gesture" of lower astral plane Shamanism would arise from the bowels of the Earth.

Envision the great horned snake, laden with its pouch of magic medicine (karma) purified by the brilliant light (bite) of Copper Thunderbird who "shines like seven suns". Without the snake there is no medicine. There is no need for the "Superman within".

This is the high drama that authentic Shamanism creates. It's so Norval.

This battle between fake and authentic is the trickster in action. This is the shape-shifter transforming reality. This is the great teacher, MC, artist, co-creator and founder of the Grand Medicine Lodge doing its thing. This is the Great Rabbit. Host to the heavenly host. Have a peek at Norval's epic mural, "A Separate Reality". Do you see Nanabozho running the show?

Nanabozho Pictograph
Bon Echo

We must wrap our wings round this forgery duality. When Jesus said, "Get thee behind me Satan".he didn't mean, "Die Satan". He just wanted him put in his place - and so it is with forgers and forgeries. We want them put in their place.

The imminent result of all this is that our special friend, who we are so incredibly proud of, will take his place beside the other great masters, just as Gabe predicted on National TV in 2006.

A large part of the credit for this emergence must go to the moths attracted to Copper Thunderbird's light. By their acts of indiscretion they have incited a potency I call "the Norval Morrisseau effect".

Two years of my life have been devoted to ensuring Norval's work lives on. Far more years of effort and concern on the part of Bryant, Gabe and many others.

As an example, Don Robinson comes to mind. The many battles this man has fought few know about though we all know about the unwarranted abuse he has taken for a decade. The bravery and fortitude of mind to pick himself up after that and create multiple Expert Reports and testify is commendable. He deserves medals, but for his effort and for associating with me he got sued. Not once but twice!

This is the Norval Morrisseau effect. People going beyond the call of duty and common sense to assist. New people with strength of soul arrive with increasing regularity. The truth is coming out. Norval Morrisseau's brand of Shamanism is unstoppable. To a Grand Shaman "Truth" is a very BIG word.



  1. Have you been to see the paintings at BonEcho? My parents took me as a kid. We rented a canoe and paddled out. Quite fascinating. It had an impact on me. I studyed a number of these paintings and found many worship symbols that indicated to me that we were both honouring the same magnificent creator.

    Very interesting what you wrote. Thanks for sharing and modeling.

  2. I have Don. Bon Echo is a hard canvas for an artist to pass up in any age, eh?