Friday 23 July 2010

Love in Dreamland (2010) Ritchie Stardreamer Sinclair - Norval Morrisseau Authorization (1994)

Love in Dreamland
Ritchie Sinclair
acrylic on canvass, 30" x 66", 2010

The Marriage Ceremony Site
Muskoka, Ontario

This website is devoted to the authentic Norval Morrisseau however every once in a while, when it lifts up Spirit, I'm going to toot my own horn.

This painting entitled, "Love in Dreamland", was recently commissioned by a couple who will be wed this August 28, 2010 at their island paradise in Muskoka, Ontario. The couple happened upon my website and liked what they saw. They requested a piece like my 2008 Woodland landscape, "Watchers of the Dawn", deciding that this was the gift that they would give one another to commemorate their special day.

The act of fulfilling the visions hidden in the minds and hearts of those who commission an artwork is a Herculean task. It too is an "art". In this project the couple wanted the site of their wedding ceremony to be depicted in a Woodland style painting that includes twin birds which hold sentimental value to the couple. It also needed to be colour co-ordinated to their Markham, Ontario home. Art patrons put up a hefty deposit on commissions and then hope for the best. It requires more than a measure of trust on their part.

The pressure and restrictions of a commission can also stifle an artist. Fortunately, I have learned to trust Spirit to perfectly manifest a patron's vibrational need of the moment and guide my being accordingly. Spirit is always up to the challenge and patrons, including this couple, are always overjoyed with their commissions. Its a two way street; as one learns to trust Spirit, Spirit learns that one is trustworthy. Step by step one moves with Spirit into more significant and challenging opportunities to develop trust.

Shamanistic art, as taught by Norval Morrisseau, is an act of love and trust. It is Sacred. As he stated in 1981, "Shamanistic paintings are Amulets". They are genies in a bottle. Once set in motion they are conduits between Spirit, Soul and Body. To be an artist of this ilk is a response-ability, as well as a resting place. Of course, one need not be a fine artist to dance with Spirit.

Prior to the opening of my 1994 "The Art of Bridging" Exhibition I read Norval and Gabe Vadas my Artist Statement (below). Norval asked, "Who wrote that?" I said, " I did" He said, "Waaah...". He then grabbed a pen and wrote the authorization signed at the bottom of the Statement, which reads, " I Norval Morrisseau authorize Ritchie to teach and inspire children and people who Spirit heads in his direction".

The Art of Bridging - The Omega Centre - 1994
Artist Statement of Ritchie Sinclair

When Norval authorized me to teach and inspire children and people he also directed Spirit to send them my way. He knew before he ever wrote this authorization that I exemplified the role. He wrote it for others to read and to affirm the aforementioned Statement. I appreciate that he always respected my trust in Spirit. Norval knew Spirit, he knew me, and he knew what he was talking about.



  1. Its a beautiful thing. Thank you for sharing this and thank you for teaching me these important lessons. It is an honour to call you brother.

  2. Wonderful piece Ritchie, beautiful, elegant refinement of the style. Jonathan

  3. Ritchie, you are unique and I count knowing you as one of the significant blessings in my life. I've told you before that what I admire most about your artistic style is that it shows how Norval was an influence but it is still very much YOU.

    The harassment you've encountered over the past two years from those who are threatened by your determination to bring their illegal activities to light to has not dimmed your vision or your willingness to paint it.

    As the weight on your shoulders lifts, I'll be looking forward to seeing more of your interpretation of that Spirit you refer to. Maggie