Friday 22 October 2010

Three Generations (1990) Norval Morrisseau and The Academy (2008) by Kent Monkman

Three Generations
Norval Morrisseau
1990, acrylic on canvas - Dyptch - 96" x 48"

This brilliant painting is available to purchase NOW through Principal Morrisseau art dealer Bryant Ross of Coghlan Art in B.C.. Isn't it astonishing that art like this is still available on the open market? Imagine Picasso's like this floating around 3 years after he passed away. This is a museum piece. No doubt about it.

Friends came into town recently from Vancouver and England. I let them use my Art Gallery of Ontario membership card and told them to check out the multi-panel, "Man Changing into Thunderbird" by Morrisseau. I also told them to check out the Rembrandt of Cree artists, Kent Monkman's, portrayal of Norval in a long house, entitled, "The Academy".

The Academy
Kent Monkman
72” x 108”, 2008, acrylic on canvas
Collection of the Art Gallery of Ontario

The Academy
 - (Detail of Morrisseau / Vermeer) -

When one great artist paints another great artist into his painting, it says a lot about both artists.

My friends agree with me. Morrisseau's mural in the main foyer of the AGO is the single most dynamically charged artwork at the AGO. So much of the art in the AGO is wonderful in so many ways, including Monkman's awesome work of art, yet nothing rivals Norval's work for pure Shamanic power. i.e. Spirit Medicine.


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  1. Now that's a serious Morrisseau.