Wednesday 8 September 2010

Don Robinson (2009) Examination for an Expert Report on a purported Norval Morrisseau painting

Don Robinson inspecting the discredited painting
At the Offices of Richard H. Baker - July 2009
 Photograph filed in the Superior Court of Ontario - August 2010


  1. Thank you Ritchie for your bravery to stand up for truth, justice and authenticity. I am sorry I was not able to attend the trial yet again. It makes my words seem hollow, when I dont put them to action. Despite this, I care, I pray and I wish for peaceful and loving resolution. There has been so much pain surrounding this issue, yet only the truth can set that free. I love you brother. You are authentic.

  2. Well done Ritchie. The adjournment was well justified. We are here, what can we do for you?

    Matt Steffich

  3. Thanks so much to everyone for continuing to support my part in our effort.

    As ever I trust Spirit to pull rabbits out of hats when we need them. Thank you AOL Canada (Otavnik's next lawsuit?).

    On March 18 2010 I asked the trial Judge for a disclosure Order to provide IP evidence. He directed me to file a separate Motion, which I did. It was heard on June 24 2010.

    AOL showed up. California based, Google and Wikipedia, ignored their Notices of Motion.

    The Motion Judge Ordered me to subpoena AOL Canada, Google and Wikipedia to provide the documentation, which I did.

    Was mailing the subpoenas an error? Perhaps - but not from my perspective. Process servers in California cost a bundle and if they don't appear then this Court can't do a thing about it.

    As for the rest of the no shows. They certainly had no problem showing up for March 18th 2010 and April 8 2010.

    Otavnik was there all by himself. Did they talk to one another? What do you think?

    Each were sent a reminder letter as well. On the day Joe McLeod received his follow up letter he called the police on me again, to say I was harassing him. An unwanted subpoena must feel like being harassed, especially when you lied under oath on March 18 2010.

    They received their subpoenas in plenty of time, including their follow up letters to tell them they better show up.

    November 16 is just around the corner. The Court is aware that they didn't show up, and that I didn't serve them in person (not my first choice).

    I will process serve for November 16 and if the witnesses I need to prove my case don't appear I will have have the subpoenas enforced, as is my right.

    The Stars were right on September 7th 2010. The truth is coming out and the unlawful conspiracy is becoming increasingly evident.


  4. What a joke... I am sure you are not going to publish this... CSI