Thursday 13 May 2010

In Honour to our Grandchildren (1994) Promoting the 2010 exhibition of Norval Morrisseau Art at the Thunder Bay Art Gallery.

Norval Morrisseau: From the Permanent Collection - The Thunder Bay Art Gallery - June 4 through September 5, 2010.

In Honour to our Grandchildren
Norval Morrisseau
1994, acrylic on canvas, 121 x 121 cm
purchased with the support of the
Canada Council for the Arts Acquisition Assistance Program.

For more information about the upcoming Norval Morrisseau exhibition view the Thunder Bay Art Gallery website or phone: 807-577-6427 - E-mail:
Postal: P.O. Box 10193
1080 Keewatin Street
Thunder Bay, Ontario, CANADA P7B 6T7.

Read an article and view a before-&-after comparison of the Thunder Bay Art Gallery promotions for this exhibition.


  1. Rithcie

    I was so disappointed to see that piece of crap promoting this event. Nice to see the change but unfortunately it would appear that the Thunder Bay Art Gallery is in possession of too many of these. Why?

  2. Again someone took the work of a slick salesman? hope it's no more?

  3. For the most part Museums such as the Thunder Bay Art Gallery accept donations, and in return provide tax credits, according to the valuations supplied by the appraisers who are employed by the person donating the art.

    The Thunder Bay Art Gallery signed off on paintings appraised by people who had no business appraising Morrisseaus.

    People of integrity work at the Gallery, which has an extensive permanent collection of more than 100 works to draw upon, so I expect their exhibition will rely upon works with solid provenance. I only wish them the best!

  4. I agree, the Thunder Bay art gallery really needs to pay better attention to what their being given. It's a sad state of affairs when institutions walk into these forgeries with what "appears" to be solid provenance when in fact, it's dirty. Thank God their are those of us who know...period!

  5. The Thunder Bay Art Gallery should be leading the way in rectifying the Morrisseau situation. I have sent them emails about the fake paintings that they have included in their collection. I encourage others to let them know your feelings about the includtion of questionable works in a retrospective show
    of Morrisseau's work. The email address of director Sharon Godwin and others can be found at
    Bryant Ross - Coghlan Art

  6. I have taken Bryants lead and sent an email to the the Thunder Bay Gallery. I urge others to do the same.

  7. This is a great site Ritchie. I will spread the word

    Matt Steffich