Wednesday 2 June 2010

Sacred Otters with Children (1990) Norval Morrisseau

Sacred Otters with Children
Norval Morrisseau
1990, 60" x 96", acrylic on canvas

In the early 1990s Norval had me fly out to the West Coast with six Otter pelts for him. He planned to make a ceremonial coat adorned with sea shells. To keep the pelts safe I brought them on the plane with me.... Its amazing how attractive Otter pelts are to flight attendants!


In stark contrast to this elegant authentic painting look at this example of a forged Norval Morrisseau Otter painting recently sold through Waddingtons auctioneers for three times its estimate because it fooled people. Learn more about the artist who painted the Waddingtons forgery.

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