Monday 1 November 2010

Norval Morrisseau (1979) Peace with the Sinclair Family

Peace with the Sinclair Family
- Norval Morrisseau with Ritchie Sinclair's Mother -
Christmas 1979

In 1979 Norval named me Stardreamer and I was hired to apprentice with him. From day one Norval was a trusted guide through the world of Spirit. He never let me down. He never took advantage of me, nor did I take advantage of him. Norval and I shared a passion for making art and exploring Spirit.

Norval wasn't old at 47. He perceived himself as a youthful brother - and as a mentor. In 1979 I was 22. Now I'm 53. I've had time to reflect on the mentors in my life. Elders pass on their truth. It is a rite of passage. To a Shaman artist what could be more natural than apprentices? We are talking about fine art and Shamanism. Vocations where hands-on apprenticeship is a must.

A Great Spirit
Ritchie Sinclair
60" x 252" on six panels, acrylic and copper on canvass, 2008

This great artist and this grand shaman in one chose me because I was already worthy. I knew Spirit and Art before I ever met him. I was utterly dedicated to both. Norval (and my family) knew it. As such, Norval and I shared a wonderful friendship over decades.

Norval and I painted a number of paintings together in 1979. We both signed this one and gave it to my youngest brother as a Christmas gift. Norval also gave each member of my family a buffalo-head nickel and sang Christmas carols at the piano with my Grandmothers deep into the night.

Christmas 1979 with the Sinclairs
Ritchie's mentor, Norval Morrisseau, his Aunt, Mother, his Mother's Mother
Middle - His Father's mother and his brothers
Front - Ritchie Sinclair and his dog.

To my loved ones. I'm so grateful for having shared life with people who love and respect me. The very best to my Grandmothers, my Aunt and Norvy, who persist only in Spirit. In sweet memory, lovingly recorded, we keep their legacy's nearby, within our beating hearts.



  1. Beautiful post Ritchie, you touched my heart with these facts and pics. I know your heart is in the right place. I know you truly care about Norval's art, you are sincere about trying to help in protecting Norval's artistic legacy as best you can. I see spirit and in light.......MAJ....2010

  2. whatever happened to that 12 string?

    I once played heavy metal, until I walked into a music store and strummed a 12 string. I went home, sold all my gear and went back for that 12 string. The Year? 1979. The guitar? Fender 12.

    Peace and Love to you Ritchie and your whole family

  3. I love these photoa. Norval knew his place. He knew his family. Look at that smile. Reminds me of the numerous photos of Norval with Vadas family. Cheers to those that loved and took care of this man.

  4. "All is well" and it shows in the family pictures.
    Cheers to good times.