Saturday 24 April 2010

Authentic Norval Morrisseau Art - 1971

Norval Morrisseau
21"x27", 1971
Dad met Norval Morrisseau while he was incarcerated and had a good relationship with him. Morrisseau was given a separate cell where he could create his paintings of "Mother Earth and her creatures". Dad would make sure he had paper, paint, pencils for his creative talents to put to use. Dad was rewarded by Morrisseau by giving him a painting completed on particle board. He glued toilet paper to the board to give it texture and we hold this prized possession in our home to this day...............

Rick Zabloski
Rick's father, John Zabloski, assisted Morrisseau in Kenora, Ontario in 1971
This excerpt recounts the experience.

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