Friday 11 June 2010

Journal of Prisoners on Prisons (1990) Cover Art by Norval Morrisseau

Special Issue on Native Peoples
Vol. 2 Number 2 Spring 1990:
Cover Art by Norval Morrisseau
  • Native American - vs - Anglo Rehabilitation: Contrasting Cultural Perspectives, by Little Rock Reed
  • If There is No Justice There is No Peace, by Arthur Solomon
  • Sweet Grass in The Iron House, by Danny Homer
  • The Nature of Contempt: Letters From Gaol, by C.J Hinke
  • Female Political Prisoners and Anti-Imperialist Struggles, by Susan Rosenberg
  • Voices That Shall Be Heard, by Dragon Milovanovic

This 1990 "Journal of Prisoners on Prisons" issue was produced the same year as Norval Morrisseau's postage stamp was issued.

While it was a commendable idea, it is highly unlikely that 19 years after Robert Lavack wrote several letters suggesting Norval Morrisseau's work be pictured on a postage stamp that his request was finally realized. In fact there is no evidence to suggest that Mr. Lavack had anything to do with the Morrisseau stamp. The painting reproduced on the 1990 stamp was actually painted in 1973, after Mr. Lavack had fled the country. Nevertheless, fanciful rumours do persist.


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