Tuesday 18 May 2010

Just for fun - (1980) - Norval Morrisseau to Ritchie Sinclair - Mountain Goat Communicators

Norval Morrisseau
Just for fun...I went for an adventure to the West coast in the Summer of 1980 and came back with a writing/drawing book that I showed Norval. He scribbled this picture in it on Sept. 20 1980 while I told him of my adventures. In those days I was the one always tripping out West because I was in Love with a girl from the Yukon. Of course, Norval said that he already knew what I was up to because he had been astrally speaking with me, thus the communication lines between the goats. In picturing goats "Norvy" was playing with the fact that I was born a Capricorn.
Ritchie Sinclair


  1. Thank you Mr. Sinclair for sharing this story and drawing! It's obvious.... Despite what others are selling - you are the real thing. In my opinion, you have demonstrated lots of class in the last few years.


    A friend

  2. I love these little doodles that Norval did. So spontaneous and clever and so true and authentic. Richie, you should use this image that Norval gave you for a painting. I think it could be awesome.
    Bryant - Coghlan Art

  3. Thanks for sharing this pic....haha...a girl in the Yukon eh!