Tuesday 16 November 2010

Owls (timeless) Norval Morrisseau

Norval Morrisseau
Acrylic on paper, 32” x 20”

“What I teach the people many times is that attitude and attention will determine the whole course of our lives. Get rid of fear and that is all you ever have to get rid of. Fear of anything at all.”

Norval Morrisseau

This quote is vintage Norval Morrisseau. A teaching as deep as it gets. It is literally the crux that my life pivots on.

Norval asked me to ask myself two questions on a regular basis.

What is my attitude?
Where is my attention?... because wherever it is, that is where I'm at.

To this I added two other profound considerations passed on by another "life" mentor, the late Lila Cole, mother of my oldest friend, Garth Cole, who testified at trial on both my and Norval's behalf today.

Am I willing?
Am I able?

Four simplistic questions, until you see them in concert. Spirit ignites and it's magic.

Attitude becomes "altitude".
Attention becomes "intention".
Willing becomes able.... and magic happens.

Norval was a unique teacher. His lessons are unforgettable. They are experiential gifts that develop one's power to "rise" to the occasion. This teaching can be viewed visually as a formula...

So how did it go in Court today? It was magic. WAAA - with a little "Just Be" and a ton of "All is Well". Like a game of chess, court is all very easy at the beginning when both sides lose the odd pawn. It's tough later on in the heat of battle and it finally ends in checkmate on January 11 2011. Bet on Spirit. I am.

I don't know when Norval painted "Owls" but its timeless, isn't it? This is just one of dozens of owl paintings by Norval. What I love about them is how cute they all are. I published this one because I felt like that little owl in court today, keeping my eye on the ball.

The big owl with his wings around me? Why, that's all of you, and your great (spirit) attitude. Thanks folks! You really outdid yourselves. All day I was in a bubble of clarity, peace and something else really extraordinary. It was a wonderful day.

I woke up with the song, "We are the Champions" by Queen dancing in my head this morning. It was there throughout the day. It's still playing in my head in stereo even now. I wonder why?



  1. Brilliant! Ritchie, just brilliant.

    -legal beagle

  2. With that attitude you will go only up, in every way. May a wall, nay tsunami! of metaphysical energy carry you along and through this. We are singing along!

  3. Much like the image posted above, many are calling you the "Ol wise one"
    Great Image Mr Sinclair.

  4. You must be the wise old owl! Mark called me an older gentleman and you my friend are older than I!! Keep singing brother....its real good medicine!