Monday 6 December 2010

Norval Morrisseau (1984) The Door to the Astral Plane is always wide open..."

Norval Morrisseau

"The Door to the Astral Plane is always wide open...

 if you know what to look for."



  1. Portals are where it happens... always!

  2. Indeed, a beautiful portal was visited today, playful insights with signifigant facts dancing with delight. Thank God for real men of character, the local whine & snivel was no where to be found. Ritchie, you so get it. I really dig you brother, it is such a divine pleasure to meet you. Im looking forward to page 2.....those who thought otherwise about you....what silliness they frolic in, baffled still are those who throw stones while they themselves live in the constucts of their own glass houses. You are a brilliant soul....I do see you, even if it was just a glimspe today, that of the shining stardreamer. Pardon me for my own previous inequities....we are simply human at times in the most frail of moments. But I know you already understand. Good medicines today...even though it was a bit chilly and feverishly windy....hahaha.....MAJ............2010

  3. You're very kind Mark...

    Sunny day, eh? Even though it was overcast...
    Nice Blessing for the little one...well done.

    Chi Migwitch

  4. Check this out:

    I guess it's only fair. Why dance only on one guy's grave? Someone appears to have noproblem flushingthe entire movement down the drain for their own pocketbooks.

    And they wonder why the culture is dead? They don't care about it. You can't preach it on one hand and rapeit on the other. Doesn'twork that way.

    Let's revise the list of graves spit on:

    Norval Morrisseau
    Roy Thomas
    and now... Joshim.

    Let's not forget the empty grave already spit on...

    Daphne Odjig.

    Who's next?

    Alex Janvier?

    Pathetic. Sad.

  5. "Rarely does a Joshim Kakegamic become available with such a strong theme and large dimension."

    No kidding Ronnie...

  6. "Dang, that guy was 99% right"

    Cheers to being on the ball.