Wednesday 28 April 2010

Man Changes into Bear Walker (1989) by Norval Morrisseau

Man Changes into Bear Walker
Norval Morrisseau
acrylic on canvas, 36 ¼” x 111 ¼”, 1989

Since returning from Paris last June Norval Morrisseau has been working on a new body of work.The visions like ancient taboos that have changed into dreams of the future, come to life on canvas. They are talismans of hope for the future and images of respect from the past.

 Bryant Ross
The Art Emporium, Vancouver, 1989


  1. Now this is a nice painting. I know there is significance to "bear walker". I have not had the time to research.....any readers digest versions?

    Oh hey, thanks for the link to my site. It feels nice to have my "name in lights" as it were.

    peace and art for beauty sake

  2. Bear Walkers are their own mystery. Mark, any thoughts you feel free to share?

    My thoughts?

    Hibernation, leading to emergence from the crucible of one's sacred sanctuary, armed with new creative life forms is not only a Bear's is also the painter's process.

    Bears dream reality.
    Hmmm... sounds a bit like Norval.

    Traditionally Bears are people and people are Bears. Bear's stand on two feet, like men.

    Norval was my guide through the land of Bear. He taught me about how to work with the power of the Bear. He shared Bear stories with me...funny ones, strange ones, scary ones, strong ones. He assisted me with understanding my many Bear experiences and as you know he initiated me with a Bear Dance.

    Few creatures are as grounded as a Bear. It takes a lifetime to learn to walk like one and be "good" at it.

  3. Thanks Bryant!

    Accordingly I've changed the post to reflect your input. What an incredible time it must have been!

    I can just imagine how dull the "Masters" seemed to Norval. I bet he couldn't wait to get back to start painting up a storm.

  4. amazing inside information. Its incredible the info you can find out just by asking nicely.

    My wife and I sat and listened to a native elder talk about "cures" and "medicines". My wife said "I'm convinced they know the cure to cancer, but no one has ever just asked nicely."

    I know this is a simplistic view, but IMAGINE asking nice questions without agendas, and listening intently to the response.

    This blog could be a real source of authentic info!

    Thanks for taking the time Bryant.....Isnt technology amazing?....You validated my interest.


  5. "Love it" what more needs to be said?

  6. Authentic voices. Authentic art. Authentic Spirit.

  7. What an incredible painting to say the least, I absolutely love it. On the subject of bearwalkers? it's a secret society that's for sure. There are other societies of course which align their spiritual energy with the bear and the bearwalkers, but Norval Morrisseau's is quite unique in that regard as well.

    I will choose to stay silent with regard to the inner mechanics as it's best to not divulge our societie's inner information on the web. None the less, I thank you for respecting our society and it's connection to it's inventor, Copper Thunderbird, Norval Morrisseau.

    I will say this, there is no information on the web that will suffice. Most of what is offered is.....a smoke screen anyways. Knowing this, be well.

    Glad to see the authenticity of Morrisseau's art being reflected on this blog. Keep up the great work and as always, a deep respect being put forth by those of us....who know. With love and respect for all those who continue to share through an honest education in Morrisseau art...meegwetch.....all my relations,