Sunday 11 December 2011

Brian Marion (Oct. 6 1960 - Dec. 9 2011) Forever Thunderbird

Brian Marion, my beloved spiritual brother, left his worn body behind to fly free in timeless spirit on December 9 2011. He was deeply loved and appreciated by those who knew him. My heartfelt condolences to Brian's family and loved ones. I am so sorry for your loss. I cherished him too.


Brian Marion was born October 6, 1960 in Kamsack, Saskatchewan growing up amongst the Saulteaux and Cree of the Prairies and the Ojibway of the Northern Woodland of Ontario. In 1975 Brian began a nine-year apprenticeship with Norval Morrisseau, the internationally renowned Canadian Native Artist and founder of the Woodland School of Art.

In reference to Mr. Marion, the great artist has said, "During those years of training, Brian learned both the spiritualism of the Ojibway culture and the technique of Shaman art. As an artist he has learned to apply colour to forms that were derived, in part, from ancient pictographs still found in the central region of Canada. While he developed his artistic talents, he was taught to use the meanings of the legends as a basis for composition in his painting. He has acquired the knowledge from the visions of our people and has come to understand our close ties with nature. He is able to get inspiration from his native spirituality and with the blessing of the Creator, add his own emotional and intuitive interpretations to produce beautiful art."

Brian Marion’s many achievements include a show with Norval Morrisseau at First Canadian Place, a mural commissioned by the African National Congress "Mandela Free Leonard Peltier next?"’ and a mural "Rainbow World" for the Young People’s Theatre. Other accomplishments include his artwork featured in a music video with Robby Robertson, John Tridell and Buffy Ste. Marie, three books published by Prentice Hall/Ginn Publishing, and a poster commissioned by IKEA Canada.

In 1994 Brian was chosen to represent Canada at the 50th Anniversary D-Day Celebrations in Normandy, France. His work has been shown in Milan and at the Canadian embassy in Chicago, promoting aboriginal art as part of Canadian trade missions to these countries. His work is featured in many private and corporate collections around the world including that of the Prime Minister of Canada.

  • 1986 Two man show with Norval Morrisseau at First Canadian Place, Toronto
  • 1987 Solo Show at Beaches Cafe, Toronto
  • 1987 Solo Show at Avenue Road Cafe, Toronto
  • 1988 Group Show at Opera House, Orillia, Ontario
  • 1989 Solo Show at the Gotlieb Gallery, Toronto
  • 1989 Group Show at Nimkiis Gallery, Toronto
  • 1990 Group Show at Nimkiis Gallery, Toronto
  • 1990 Group Show, WOMAD, World of Music & Dance Festival, Toronto
  • 1991 Exhibit of large mural "Mandela-Free, Leonard Peltier next", Toronto
  • 1991 Group Exhibition at the O'Keefe Centre, Toronto
  • 1992 Group Show at Ontario Place, Toronto
  • 1992 Group Show at Buckingham Fine Art Gallery, Unionville
  • 1993 Solo Show at Gallery Louise Smith, Toronto
  • 1993 Solo Show at Gallery Louise Smith, Kennebunkport, Maine
  • 1993 Group Show at North American Indian Community House, New York
  • 1993 Solo Show at Volo Cafe, Toronto
  • 1994 Solo Show at Godfrey Dean Gallery, Yorktone, Saskatchewan
  • 1994 Group Show 'Exhibition of Nudes', Gallery Louise Smith, Toronto
  • 1994 Group Show at First Nations Art 94, Brantford, Ontario
  • 1994 Represented Canada at International Art Festival, Reviers, Normandy, France
  • 1996 Solo Show at Godfrey Dean Gallery, Yorkton, Saskatchewan
  • 1997 Group Show at Wanuskewin Heritage Park, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
  • 1997 Solo Show at Wanuskewin Heritage Park, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
  • 1999 Presentation of Mandela Free Leonard Peltier Next! mural to His Excellency, BIL Modise, High Commissioner for the Republic of South Africa, during a reception at Queensbury Centre, Regina, Saskatchewan COMMISSIONS:
  • "RainbowWold" mural Commissioned by Howard Mathews for RainbowWorld Musical. This mural was used as a backdrop for the musical featuring Salome Bey at the Canadian Pavilion during the Barcelona Olympics.
  • Mandela Free Leonard Peltier Next! 30' X 10' mural commissioned by the African National Congress.
  • "Communication" painting commissioned by IKEA International along with 1,200 prints that sold out.
  • "Spirit of the Bear" series of six paintings commissioned by Pimpernel Placemat Company.
  • As Protege Artist for the Arts Foundation of Greater Toronto, was commissioned to do a painting for Salome Bey.
  • Artwork used as background in a music special with Buffy Ste-Marie, Robby Robertson, John Tridell, and Chief Joseph
  • Artwork for two children's books - What's Hot? and The Five Moons of Winter commissioned by Ginn Publishing Co.
  • Artwork for Classic Canada publication Commissioned by Prentice Hall
  • Artwork commissioned for Sweetgrass Records company logo
  • Commissioned to paint a series of six murals for Cote First Nations School, Kamsack, Saskatchewan TRADE MISSIONS:
  • Aboriginal Arts and Crafts Sector European Buyers' Mission to Canada, Wanuskewin Heritage Park, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, May 1997
  • Aboriginal Arts and Culture New Border States (NEBS) Trade Mission, Chicago, June 1997
  • Aboriginal arts and Crafts Trade Mission, Paris, France and Milan, Italy, Sept. 1997
  • "Missions of a Nation" painting included in the collection of the Prime Minister of Canada
  • Lily Munroe, former Minister of Citizenship and Culture 
  • Olympia and York, Toronto
  • Native Art's Foundation, Toronto
  • Cameco Corporation, Saskatoon
  • A Series of acrylics on paper are in the permanent collection of: * Algonquin College * Carleton University * Georgian College * Niagara College * University of Toronto * Yorkton Friendship Centre * Royal Ontario Museum * Saskatchewan Indian Federated College * White Mountain Academy * Yorkton Arts Council * Peterborough Arts Umbrella * Red River College * Algoma College * Numerous private, corporate and government collections.

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