Wednesday 14 December 2011

Brothers in Arms - Norval Morrisseau bridges the great divide - Brian Marion and Ritchie Sinclair

Brian Marion and Ritchie Sinclair
On the full moon eclipse of December 21 2010

Brian Marion taught me the lesson of never judge a book by its cover. A great artist he is indeed, but there was so much more to him than just his beautiful works of art. Brian the sociologist, the philosopher, the psychologist, the historian, the ideologist, the spiritualist, the psychiatrist, the behaviorist, the culturalist, the healer - the shaman. He knew so much about so many things. A unique and special soul he was. I will always cherish the times I got to hang out with you during my years spent in Yorkton. My heart is heavy. The world just lost something pretty special.

 “You have to learn to walk backwards and see the damage done, then walk forward and fix it. We have to rebuild our lives and our strength in this manner. This is not a dream, this is a reality; this is our life."

Brian Marion (2003)

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