Tuesday 1 June 2010

Norval Morrisseau (1981) To be a Shaman

Answers within Questions...
  • What is a Shaman?
  • Why does a Shaman artist paint?
  • What is Shamanistic Art?
  • Why did Norval Morrisseau repudiate the Woodland School?
Below are passages from Scroll Two of the e-book, Woodland Gold, that consider certain possibilities. The fourth question is complex. Why do you think Norval Morrisseau repudiated the Woodland School? Was he justified?

When viewed as a personal or family talisman Shamanistic art empowers while it protects. Traditional pictographic art and birchbark scrolls are two-dimensional symbolic renderings that tell an archetypal story. A powerful alignment takes place in those who know how to interpret the colours and symbols in relation to one another. A vibrational sense of oneness with the archetype itself.
Shamanistic art is a creative response to a fundamental sentient need to maintain health and well-being. Through artistic expression, a Shaman calls into play the triple faculties of imagination, intuition and inspiration in order to commune with Spirit. The Great Spirit in turn extends to the tribe the power to consciously harmonize environmental forces. When appreciating Woodland Art in essence we join the tribe vibrationally, and through that connection discover the power within ourselves.

Shamanistic art primarily focuses on the relationship between the "Creator" and the "Created" using symbols to convey natural truths. Most artworks are two dimensional (pictographic) designs that one does not look into as one would a landscape. They are organic statements of inner harmony. Like ripples cast on still water, all symbols in a Woodland School painting have a relationship with one another.

The Woodland School taps into an instinctual wellspring of inspiration that requires no predisposed understanding to appreciate. Those who appreciate the warmth of pure colours will experience a sense of inner harmony and balance. Those with even a simple appreciation of the subject matter will enjoy a deeper respect for the ab'original' in all people. as well as for the creatures of the environment. To those who can fully interpret the relational symbology, an enhanced revelationary empowerment is received.

Woodland Gold - Scroll Two


  1. I know this stuff Mark so I'm going to say a few words in response...

    The Lyricus Teaching Order and Lucis Trust are metaphysical constructs. Lyricus and Lucis actually are derived from the word "Lucifer", purposely changed to hide that fact from religious groups. Lucifer, of course, is the vaunted Angel of Light fallen to Earth. These movements, born of Theosophy, are essentially creative experiments in neo-mythmaking. Its fascinating, mind-boggling exploration but artistically the constructs are as unnatural as the cities we live in.

    The proof is in the pudding....

    If I drop you off on a deserted island for a month what would you like to choose for entertainment? A Morrisseau painting and a Robbie Robertson CD of your choice? .... or a Wingmaker's artwork and CD of your choice? Wingmaker's art, words and music doesn't move my soul. I wish it did, but it doesn't.

    The Spirit I love is simple and organic. Natural in every sense... honouring and valuing "physical" manifestations over metaphysical proclamations.

    After years of feverishly devouring metaphysical material I realized that there is no "love" in it - though there are tons of symbols and cool words. I challenge anyone to show me where the love is in these movements.

    To be clear, I relished exploring metaphysics and I wouldn't change a thing. I think its great that you are exploring this mythology. Its extremely enlightening. But in the end, it seemed to be just talk about "Soul", and not Soul itself.

    One loon snuggling up to another on Silver Lake at Sunset with me and my significant other there to experience the moment with them. Now that's Soul.

  2. Interesting topic.

    Though I do not subscribe to the Mastorship model, I do follow the three tenants. The 3 tenants of unity/equality, gratefullness and nurturance, are consistant with my knowledge of God. I beleive they are a response to love. They are an outward commitment to an inner reality. Love is the more powerful thing. Would it be possible for someone to find love in the tenants, if they did not first know love? The tenants would be foolishness if one did not first know love.

    I am very confortable with a saviourship model, for it recognizes that there is someone or something greater than me.

    I guess my faith in Christ makes me follow a saviourship model. The fact is, I truly beleive Christ was in fact God as man, who permeates all of creation through and by Spirit. So I guess my belief in God also means that I beleive in a saviourship model, as I beleive everything was made by, for, in and through God.(Prime Creator)

    While Christ, God, Spirit reside in me, they are not me. My body me seams to be in conflict with my spirit me. Its like when left to my flesh, I seam to make choices against Spirit. I see it happen in my life all the time. As a response I rely on Spirit for Spirit is unchanging and Spirit is perfection. Also, I find myself obedient to Spirit because of my understanding that Spirit is greater than me.

    If I beleived that I was in fact Spirit or even equal to Christ, then I might begin to accept my own behaviour that is not consistant with the Spirit.

    Thanks for the opportunity to explore.


  3. As a veteran of 16 years showcasing my art work at Toronto's New Age headquarters called The Omega Centre, I had the chance to meet all sorts of wonderful and strange people, including New Age leaders and well known authors. Many of my friends from Toronto's "cool" community are currently enthralled with Wingmakers. They would tell you that when it comes to fantasy camp I'm just no fun (but they let me hang around anyhow). So you must forgive me for being "true" to my own trip. I tell them its a Capricorn thing!

    My personal research delves into the Universe according to Lucis Publishing. The first book I bought from Lucis was with Norval in 1979 entitled, "A Treatise on White Magic". Norval bought copies of the Eck-Vidya for both of us at the same time. It took me 25 years and 100 volumes of abstract concepts, beginning with the Secret Doctrine and ending at the "enlightened ones" to comprehend that I was on a hyper-development program to nowhere useful (for me). I now consider all mental abstract data expendable.

    Just to put this in context. I don't even subscribe to crop circles. I consider them loveless, mathematical pattern formulas burnt into the Earth. Every one of them.

    My first challenge to you (or anyone) is to show me the love in the Wingmakers movement. My second challenge to you (or anyone) is to show me the love in a crop circle. From my perspective crop circles and the Wingmakers movement are both beautiful constructs, in the way crystals are beautiful.... but beauty isn't everything. Love is... Like Don essentially states above...without Love, what good is it?

    Tonight I'll post another Morrisseau image. Show me as much authentic, original love (i.e. soul) in a crop-circle or Wingmaker's creation as this Morrisseau ...and, like Norval would say with a wink and smile, "and I'll believe you!".

  4. In response to your challenge my beautiful brother with regard to where is the love in the wingmakers movement? I AM A LOVING PERSON, AND I AM LOVED....BY MANY FAMILY MEMBERS AND FRIENDS.....I LOVE YOU BROTHER......you 2 Don......many blessings and as always.....LOVE, HOPE, FAITH & CHARITY........MAJ....2010

  5. Perfect answer chum! I'm smiling!