Wednesday 26 May 2010

Norval Morrisseau's Magical, Mystical Tour - A Legacy in Pictures

In making this little video I could only select a handful of my favourites. There are many other paintings that I favour as well. Most I have never seen photographed.

For all his insight and intelligence Norval Morrisseau was an innocent. For all his bravado and muster, he practiced sweet humility. This wonderful being treated me like a son, and a friend and a brother. I miss him tremendously and find myself appreciating our time shared more now that he has traveled on.

All souls are irreplaceable yet he somehow feels more so. Life is short. To meet another with this man's depth of character and vision is beyond my imagination. He was one of a kind. This short video is a tribute and a testament to Norval Morrisseau. Herein is the authentic Legacy he left behind. Enjoy, and strive to "Just Be".



  1. Magnificent!!!!thank you

  2. Great job on the Video Ritchie, and a fantastic selection of artworks and photos as well. Nice to see you putting together this creative project and the soundtrack. As always brotha, I send you many blessings in the love & light and I encourage you to continue sharing your history & experience with Norval with all of us. Your tireless dedication to the truth is what and I both know......THAT IT WAS ALWAYS ABOUT THE AUTHENTICITY OF THE ART. That being said.....Bigtime love my friend....all my relations, .........MAJ........2010